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Professor Antonio Hyder

Ms. Gayani De Alwis

Mr. Lasantha Wickramasinghe

Mr. Osanda Malith Jayathissa

Dr. Thashika Rupasinghe

Deshabandu W. K. H. Wegapitiya

Gender: Equality, Diversity, and Management at Workplace

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

The emerging art of entrepreneurship – Reach new heights –

Is Flutter, the upcoming future of software development?

UI vs UX: Do you know the difference?

CLOUD TPUs – The Next Level Advancement of Machine Learning


Power of Teamwork and Humility Within a Workplace

Removing operating cost of applications has been a long-standing goal in IT industry. Most of the times, developers spend their time on fixing the bugs in the enterprise systems which are not caught during the initial phases of the production and it costs more effort and time to maintain the system. Self Healing Service Management …

Our future with driverless cars Driverless cars used to be the sort of thing you’d see in sci-fi films – but in 2018 they’re becoming a reality. Autonomous car technology is already being developed by the likes of Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, and they’ve even tested Tesla’s driverless Autopilot system on UK roads. Across the …

Capital Maharaja Organization, ever since its establishment, has risen to the level of being probably the largest group of private sector companies in Sri Lanka with their activities spanning in the fields of Manufacturing, FMCG, Marketing, Exports, Media and Information Technology. Maharaja has become a name familiar to almost everyone in the country. This expedition …

Ms. Kasturi Wilson, Managing Director of Hemas Pharmaceuticals and Hemas Logistics and Maritime Sector of Hemas Holdings PLC is a woman of strength and courage who has challenged herself and succeeded proving that glass ceiling is not a reason to step aside. Joining with Exposition she shares her experiences which made her the personality she …

Since the past, the abilities of women in decision making, education, and in their professional lives have been largely suppressed considering them inferior to men. The situation is much worse in underdeveloped and developing nations, where women in a family are not allowed to make financial decisions, choosing a partner for marriage according to their …

“Take whatever you have seriously, honestly and work hard on it” Roshan Abeysinghe – International Cricket Commentator | Managing Director – RF Asia International (Pvt) Ltd | President – Ragama Cricket Club Q : Take us back to the time, when you were a school student, how did you step into cricket and what made …

The concept of a digital twin first came up in 2000 when Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan, wrote about using this technology at that time. Simply the technology of a digital twin is a virtual representation of the elements and dynamics of a physical object or a system. It is an interesting concept, …

Increasing Importance of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE EQ for the success of human in digital future work In the future labor market of the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence ranks sixth among the ten best skills that workers need. What is EQ? How does this affect your work schedule and your ability to connect with your team? …

Everyday world pursues a green future. Urge for adopting sustainable practices rewrites  rules in all the industries, and maritime transportation is no exception. The durability and  profitability of the operation rely on how proactively you approach sustainability. And today  most consumers demand sustainable products as they are aware of the impact of pollution  on the …

Technology A Male Dominated Field? When a girl fixes a problem related to a technological field or when a girl writes a perfect code, most of the people are like “Wait, how do you know about them? You are a girl and you should not be doing that!” Computing and technology are mainly populated by boys, …


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