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Professor Antonio Hyder is an expert technology-marketing researcher expert in solving problems using science-based evidence. He received an honorary professorship, which was achieved with an interdisciplinary career of science, engineering, business, and knowledge transfer, holding an international Ph.D. in research marketing with a background in computer science, digital engineering, business, and education (EU, UK, US). …


Supply Chain Management is a newly emerging field and the importance of it in Sri Lanka has never been discussed so much till the covid pandemic hit us. It is a crucial function in a business and the absence of it will impact our daily lives – In fact as she says No Supply Chains …

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Most of us believe that the success of a company or an institution lies just in hitting targets, getting lucky in huge investments, and the employee grinding 24/7. While this could be moderately true, I believe that we are not concentrating enough on one key work ethic, which is none other than teamwork and humility. …

A growing level of interest in service work has been displayed in the last few years, particularly in emotional and aesthetic roots of service work. Moreover, expectations of the service organizations are particular, that the employees should have the right appearance where they would ‘look good’ and ‘sound right’ to attract more customers to their …

In today’s context, it seems like virtually everyone is using social media in some form or another. Each month, approximately 336 million people Tweet, 1 billion people use Instagram and 2.196 billion people use Facebook, and each day 191 million people are using Snapchat. This means that the ability to connect with nearly half the …

Capital Maharaja Organization, ever since its establishment, has risen to the level of being probably the largest group of private sector companies in Sri Lanka with their activities spanning in the fields of Manufacturing, FMCG, Marketing, Exports, Media and Information Technology. Maharaja has become a name familiar to almost everyone in the country. This expedition …


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