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Professor Antonio Hyder

Professor Antonio Hyder is an expert technology-marketing researcher expert in solving problems using science-based evidence. He received an honorary professorship, which was achieved with an interdisciplinary career of science, engineering, business, and knowledge transfer, holding an international Ph.D. in research

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Ms. Gayani De Alwis

Supply Chain Management is a newly emerging field and the importance of it in Sri Lanka has never been discussed so much till the covid pandemic hit us. It is a crucial function in a business and the absence of

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Mr. Lasantha Wickramasinghe

Mr. Lasantha Wickramasinghe, the founder and CEO of Builtapps Business Solutions, is a successful global entrepreneur and pioneer among Sri Lankan online entrepreneurs as well as a guiding force in the industry. He is a professional digital marketing consultant and

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Mr. Osanda Malith Jayathissa

IT Security Consultant & Security Researcher – ZeroDayLab Ltd. London, United Kingdom Mr. Osanda Malith Jayathissa is an IT Security Consultant at ZeroDayLab Ltd. as well as an independent Security Researcher. Having completed his secondary education at Vidura College, Colombo,

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Dr. Thashika Rupasinghe

General Manager – Industrial EngineeringSILUETA (PVT) LTD Dr. Thashika D.Rupasinghe, General Manager of Industrial Engineering at MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka is an outstanding and phenomenal corporate leader with immense experience and accomplishments in her career and education. Dr. Thashika is

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Deshabandu W. K. H. Wegapitiya

Today, ‘Entrepreneurship’ has become a trending topic. However, it was not the same, 25 years ago. Deshabandu W.K.H. Wegapitiya; the Founder and the Executive Chairman of Laugfs Holdings Limited, who rose from absolutely nothing, is now one of the leading

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Online or Offline

The ultimate goal of each and every human on earth is to surpass others and be able to dominate the positions by leading the way through economical, societal, and traditional aspects. They are in a rat-race in order to achieve

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a new business or an organization for its own profit or for social service. Often, it tends to be in the form of a small business at the very outset. The person who creates

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UI vs UX: Do you know the difference?

What is UI? And what is UX? You have probably heard those buzzwords if you are an enthusiast of the design world. Sandy Woodruff, a UX designer at Google, once used an interesting example during an interview to explain the

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CLOUD TPUs – The Next Level Advancement of Machine Learning

The invention of the first transistor led towards a remarkable transformation in the technical world. Especially, the invention of the transistor boosted the computational power from thousands to millions of calculations per second. Furthermore, power consumption and heat generation were

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How many of us take time to read the data privacy policies followed by companies when we purchase or use their products (For example Google Maps by Google)? Yes, I agree to the fact that most of the time, the

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Driverless car

Driverless cars used to be the sort of thing you’d see in sci-fi films – but in 2018 they’re becoming a reality. Autonomous car technology is already being developed by the likes of Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, and they’ve even tested Tesla’s driverless Autopilot system on UK roads. 


Bloclchain Systems

Let’s consider this with most trending digital currency unit, Bitcoin(BTC). BTC is based on Bitcoin Blockchain. When someone makes a BTC transaction, a Block will be written according to that transaction and when this happens all the time simultaneously it will be recorded in NODES as Blocks. 

Quantum Computing

The Next Computing Evolution On The Horizon! It has been almost 47 years from the release of the world’s first commercial microprocessor on a silicon-chip, the Intel 4004, a 4-bit CPU comprising of only 2300 transistors. Since then, the silicon-chip technology got advanced & cost effective.

quantum computing


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